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Empowerment: More  than participation in democracy or Employment opportunities,it is to bring the inclusion of People through recognition of innate human potential And human rights.

Culture  and futurology

Culture as the creation of humanity can affect our relationships with others and with the earth. Wilson explores various forms of arts as part of the very essence of humanity from its earliest days.  Also projects some future scenarios where creativity is not just about an erratic/pre defined evolution but result as  it's own co-creation.

Planetary participation

Exchanges with objectives of promoting the concepts of equity, peace promotion, human empowerment and sustainability.


Health rather than hedonistic pleasure as a symbol of "well-being" Involves the participation of people in their conquest.


Directly from the pages and screens of science fiction the internet of things (IOT), computer science, robotics and augmented reality are Demonstrating itself as an effective way to change the lives of vulnerable humans in education, health, age and other issues. A member of the Robot Solbit team I look for ways to integrate robotics into human life in the area of ​​health and education and make it popular

sofrimento humano e promoção da paz, empoderamento humano e divulgação dos conceitos de equidade e sustentabilidade. 

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